Play Live Casino Game Shows on Casino India

Play Live Casino Game Shows on Casino India
Posted by: Joe Hilton
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Despite being a recent addition to the casino world, Casino Days has quickly become a preferred online casino in India, with rewarding bonuses and diverse online casino games. Going beyond the norm, Casino Days has introduced Live Casino Game Shows - a new gambling category offering the perfect blend of game shows with the thrill of real money gambling.

Gaining immense popularity in India with Live Casino Game Shows, Casino Days offers a more fun and interactive way of winning real money. Curious about what these game shows are and what real money rewards they offer? Keep reading our detailed blog as we dive into the most popular live game shows you can play on Casino Days today!

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  • 1. Deal or No Deal Live

    Deal or No Deal Live

    Are you familiar with the popular TV game show "Deal Ya No Deal?" Deal or No Deal is the casino twin of this TV game show that can be played for real money on Casino Days. Filled with suspense and strategic decision-making, this live casino game show has captured the hearts of millions.

    As the game show host presents enticing deals throughout the game, players, on the other hand, have to choose one briefcase aiming for the highest possible payout. With just Rs.10 as the minimum betting amount, players can win a massive reward of up to 1,80,000 INR! The RTP of 95.42% makes Deal or No Deal an attractive live game show choice on Casino Days India.

  • 2. Crazy Time Live

    Crazy Time Live

    Crazy Time is a popular live casino game show boasting a 54-segment wheel offering amazing prizes in all its segments, giving you an elevated chance of potentially winning big. The Crazy Time wheel is vivid in color and resembles the exciting games found at a carnival. As you start playing the game and spin the wheel, you'll come across the rewarding segments, each with its unique multiplier offering huge rewards!

    This Live Game Show revolves around players placing their bets where they believe the wheel will stop. But the real money fun begins during the four bonus rounds - Cash Hunt, Coin Flip, Pachinko, and Crazy Time - where the multipliers rise to ₹5,00,00,000! You can bet on this game with just ₹10 in your pockets! It's time to play crazy time and win crazy rewards!

  • 3. Monopoly Live

    Monopoly Live

    With Monopoly Live, your favorite board game from childhood comes to life with added real money fun. As the professional dealer spins the Monopoly wheel, the players are expected to bet on the segment they believe the wheel will come to a halt and could give them heavy returns. This 54-segment wheel represents the iconic Monopoly game properties, each with lucrative payouts and odds.

    The live interaction with the host, who spins the wheel and keeps this live dealer game engaging, elevates the overall real-time gameplay. Also, the 12-second time frame creates a sense of urgency in the players to predict accurately and win massive rewards. With a minimum amount of ₹10, you can win up to 50 Lakhs!

  • 4. Lightning Dice Live

    Lightning Dice Live

    Lightning Dice mirrors the gameplay of the traditional dice game Sic Bo with an added twist of game show entertainment. Along with the three-dice gameplay, Lightning Dice offers simpler betting options than Sic Bo with various rewarding multipliers. The game focuses on placing bets on the outcome of the three dice as they tumble down the Lightning Tower.

    Players can expect exciting rewards as the random Lightning multipliers strike before each roll. Players can win a surprisingly large payout if the total matches the set amount multiplied by the Lightning multiplier. The Lightning Tower and the RTP of 96.57% make Lightning Dice a thrilling and rewarding live casino game show on Casino Days!

  • 5. Mega Ball Live

    Mega Ball Live

    Mega Ball is a dynamic and engaging live casino game show catering to those enjoying games like Keno, Lotto, and Bingo. The unique blend of lottery-style anticipation and strategic bingo elements sets Mega Ball apart, making it an enticing choice for players seeking a familiar yet rewarding gambling experience.

    The game revolves around players purchasing cards and matching the numbers as the show host draws 20 balls. The more matches you have on your cards, the larger your potential payouts will be. Match the numbers and create a straight, diagonal, or vertical line on the card to win. With the substantial Mega Ball multiplier, you can significantly boost your winnings up to ₹5 Crore!

  • 6. Lightning Roulette Live

    Lightning Roulette Live

    Lightning Roulette is the classic roulette game with heightened chances of winning lightning rewards. What's different? The random Lightning multipliers add an extra layer of excitement to the already fun game. Players engage in placing their bets on the table, wait for the wheels to spin, and watch the Lightning multipliers randomly hit certain numbers.

    If your stake matches a Lightning multiplier, your earnings will significantly increase. Lightning Roulette is an immersive and exciting variant of the classic roulette game at Casino Days. With a return-to-player (RTP) of 97.30%, you can hit the ₹1,75,000 jackpot!

  • 7. XXXtreme Lightning Roulette Live

    XXXtreme Lightning Roulette Live

    Experience the thrill of XXXtreme Lightning Roulette at Casino Days with heightened excitement. Packed with additional features and even higher multipliers, XXXtreme Lightning Roulette offers an intensified version of the classic roulette game. However, with all this intensity, the game's outcomes are more unpredictable, making it a more volatile game.

    XXXtreme Lightning Roulette live game show introduces exciting features like chain lightning, chain lightning numbers, and double strikes with red Lightning that can skyrocket your multipliers up to a shocking 2000x! Though the multipliers in this game occur less frequently, they offer substantial rewards, making it a go-to choice for thrill-seekers.

From the lively game of Crazy Time to the amazing rewards of XXXtreme Lightning Roulette, you can find it all on Casino Days online. You can access these live casino game shows by visiting our official Casino Days website or downloading the Casino Days app on your mobile phone. Simply register yourself on Casino Days and grab your welcome bonus of 50,000 INR today!

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