Casino Days India: Play Crazy Time for Real Money

Casino Days India: Play Crazy Time for Real Money
Posted by: Lucy Perry
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If you are someone who enjoys a game without a complicated set of rules and detailed pointers, Cazy Time is the ideal game for you! Crazy Time provides a unique live online game show experience by building on the phenomenal spin wheel concept. Prepare for a new level of engaging fun and excitement with the chance to win multipliers from the top slot in every gaming round, as well as four exciting bonus games.

Crazy Time offers players a unique adventure with its interactive player experience and exclusive wins, where they can earn different multipliers in two of the four bonus games.

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  • How to Play Crazy Time?

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    • Step 1: Place Your Bet

      You have the exciting chance to choose from a wide variety of eight different bets in the game of Crazy Time. The numbers 1, 2, 5, and 10 are available, along with four exciting bonus rounds:

      Next, you have to select the amount you wish to play with. 0.2, 0.5, 1, 5, 25, 100, 500, and x2 are the coin values available to each player. Remember to place your bet within 13 seconds. You will see a countdown clock on the screen that shows the remaining seconds.

      You can place single or multiple bets when betting; you can also select “bet on all.” This allows you to make bets on all of the numbers at the same time with one of the bonus games.

    • Step 2: Spinning the Wheel

      The Live Host will spin the Crazy Time wheel after you select your bets.

    • Step 3: Multiplier is Set

      Crazy Time also has a Top Slot (which spins during the game and before the choice of the outcome). The Top Slot selects one of the eight symbols, and the symbol is then assigned a multiplier.

    • Step 4: The Wheel comes to a Halt with the Outcome

      If the wheel stops on the number you bet on, the payout will be equal to the number multiplied by your bet. If the Crazy Time Wheel pauses on one of the bonus rounds, the bonus becomes active. You get to play the bonus round only if you had bet on it. However, if you did not, you will only be able to watch.

  • Crazy Time Bet Options


    Crazy Time has eight bet options, including four numbers and four separate bonus rounds. There are, in total, 54 sections on the money wheel. The bonus rounds you can bet on are:

    • Coin flip
    • Cash hunt
    • Pachinko
    • Crazy Time

    The numbers you can bet on are:

    • 1
    • 2
    • 5
    • 10
  • Cash Hunt Bonus Game


    Cash Hunt is a shooting board with 108 random multipliers on a wide screen. When the countdown timer begins, the multipliers are covered by random symbols and shuffled before you can position your aim. Select the target that you believe has the largest multiplier. The cannon will shoot at the target and show the won multiplier as soon as the timer runs out.

  • Coin Flip Bonus Game


    The multiplier will be chosen via a coin flip! A blue and red side of a coin is flipped, and the side that is facing up when the coin lands wins. Before the coin is automatically flipped, two multipliers are generated, one for the red and one for the blue sides.

  • Pachinko Bonus Game


    The Pachinko Bonus Game has a big Pachinko wall with a large number of physical pegs. When the gamer presenter drops a puck, you win the multiplier on which the puck lands. If the puck lands on a ‘double’ value, all multipliers at the bottom of the wall are doubled, and the puck can be dropped multiple times until the multipliers reach the maximum of 10,000x.

  • Crazy Time Bonus Game


    Enter a virtual realm with a virtual money wheel by opening the door. Before the game begins, choose your blue, green, or yellow flapper. The game’s presenters activate the wheel by pressing a big red button. When the wheel stops, you’ll earn the multiplier indicated by the flapper; if a flapper points to a ‘double’ or ‘triple’ value on the wheel, all multipliers are doubled or tripled, and the wheel spins once more. The wheel can be spun again and again until the multipliers reach the maximum of 20,000x.

  • How to Start Playing Crazy Time at Casino Days?

    • All you need to do to play Crazy Time at Casino Days is log in with your Casino Days account using your computer or mobile. Don’t have an account yet? Sign up for a free account.
    • Once logged in, make a deposit and head off to the Game Browser.
    • Select the Live Casino tab.
    • Choose the Crazy Time game.
    • Select the amount you want to Bet.
    • Place your bet and spin the wheel!

The best way to play the Crazy Time casino game is for you to relax and enjoy yourself. You can use low-risk strategies such as betting on frequent numbers, such as 1 and 2. The bonus games, on the other hand, are what keep things interesting. It's best to enjoy the unpredictable nature of this live casino game as long as you bet an amount you can afford. You can access more of our online casino blogs for strategies to play and help you win various online casino games like Aviator.

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