How to Play Craps Online?

To start playing craps games online, all you need is a desktop, tablet, or a smartphone with an internet connection to get started. Many sites offer browser-based games, which you can play instantly on any web or mobile browser.

However, some platforms offer mobile apps that provide a streamlined and convenient gaming experience. All you need to do is create an account on your chosen casino platform.

What is Online Craps?

Craps is a classic casino dice game known for its lively nature and involving both strategy and money. It's played on a special craps table, with all bets made against the house. Players place their bets by putting chips or cash on specific table sections before rolling the dice.

The key is to predict the outcome of the dice roll, and the virtual dice must hit a virtual table wall and bounce back for a fair game. The craps game is all about predicting the outcome of the dice roll and having fun playing this popular casino game.

Why should you play Live Online Craps?

Live online craps games bring the casino experience to your home, featuring a genuine dealer, real-time interaction, and unique rules. A live craps game gives an authentic casino experience with its setup and displays real dealers rolling dice. Beyond the game, players can engage socially, learning and applying strategies virtually, just like in a brick-and-mortar casino.

Online Craps Variations

Craps is a dice game that has moved from traditional casinos to online platforms and now offers multiple craps variations online. Every variation of Craps comes with its unique gameplay and varying odds and payouts. The rules for each variant differ slightly, making them more enjoyable to play. From the traditional online craps game to live craps and high point craps, here are a few of the most popular craps variations:


Live Craps

Live Craps is a live online version of the classic dice game. Players interact with real dealers and participants in a realistic casino setup, predicting the outcome of two dice rolls. It offers a payout percentage of roughly 83.33% to 99.17% and features various betting options and a lower house edge, enhancing the player's chances of winning.


Simplified Craps

Simplified Craps is an easy version of the classic dice game, perfect for beginners. Played on a regular Craps table, players roll dice to win or lose based on the outcome. The game has a high return to player (RTP) of over 99%, low house edge, and simple rules, making it great for new players.


Bank Craps

Bank Craps, also known as Las Vegas Craps, is a well-liked online version of the dice game. Players bet on the dice roll outcomes using two dice. The game is played on a unique table with a unique layout where bets are placed against the house. With an impressive RTP of over 99% and a low house edge, it's an excellent choice for craps players looking to try a new variant.


Crapless Craps

Crapless Craps is another version of the standard craps game, where the player cannot lose on the come-out roll by rolling a 2, 3, or 12, which are typically losing numbers in regular craps. This rule changes the dynamics of the game and offers new betting options. However, this change increases the house's edge and affects the overall RTP, giving the casino a higher advantage.


High Point Craps

High Point Craps aims for the highest possible point total of 11 or 12 during the come-out roll. If players roll a 2 or 3, they receive another chance to achieve the desired high point. This strategic twist adds complexity to the game, requiring players to consider their moves carefully, making it an engaging experience.


New York Craps

New York Craps is a regional variation of the popular Craps game popular in New York. It features a unique betting system and rules, with the primary objective being rolling a specific number before encountering a 7. The table setup differs from traditional craps, omitting "Come" and "Don't Come" bets. Players can place wagers on a single number before the point resurfaces.


Die Rich Craps

Die Rich Craps is an online version of the traditional craps game known for its simplicity and unique gameplay. It is a smaller, single-die variant with fewer wagering options, playing with one die. Players win on a roll of 6, lose on a roll of 1, and 2-5 are considered points. Die Rich Craps' is popular because of its straightforward rules, making it ideal for newcomers.

How to Play Online Craps?

Let's break down the game into straightforward steps on how to play craps online. Each step provides you with the necessary knowledge to confidently play Craps online.

  • Choose a Trusted Online Casino

    Choose a legal online casino site with a variety of online craps games. Ensure the platform is licensed and secure. You can also check our detailed casino reviews to select the best.

  • Create your Account

    To begin, register at the selected online casino. Complete the registration process by providing the necessary details and verifying your identity.

  • Deposit Funds

    Deposit money into your official account using a preferred payment method. Most casinos accept PayPal, credit cards, e-wallets, and other secure options.

  • Go to the Craps Section

    Once logged in, check the craps section within the casino's game offerings. This may be under the "Table Games" or "Dice Games" category.

  • Understand the Betting Options

    Familiarize yourself with craps betting options. Common bets include the "Pass Line," "Don't Pass Line," "Come," and "Don't Come." Learn the odds and payouts associated with each.

  • Place your Bet

    Click on the desired betting area to place your bet, and adjust the bet amount accordingly.

  • Roll the Dice

    In online craps, initiate the dice roll by clicking the designated button. The sum of the two dice determines the final outcome.

  • Winning and Losing

    You win if your bet corresponds with the outcome (e.g., Pass Line wins on a 7 or 11). Conversely, you lose if the result is 2, 3, or 12 on the Pass Line. Other bets have specific conditions for winning or losing.

  • Explore Additional Features

    Online craps often include features like live dealers, chat options, and various game variations. Explore these elements to improve your gaming experience.

  • Withdraw Winnings

    If you win, consider withdrawing your winnings. Follow the casino's withdrawal process and choose a suitable withdrawal method.

Play Craps Online for Real Money

Playing craps for real money is where the real excitement lies. So, always look for licensed and regulated platforms with a good reputation. Pay attention to welcome bonuses and promotions. Before playing, learn the basics of craps, including don't pass line, pass line, and odds bets.

Practice for free at online casinos to grasp the game flow and strategy. Bet with confidence, as each wager carries distinct odds. Use strategies like Martingale, Iron Cross, and Don't Pass and Don't Come for optimal chances. Each craps bet offers a different payout ratio, and high-risk/high-reward bets can get high profits. Manage your bankroll responsibly for an enjoyable gambling experience.

Online Craps Tricks

Boost your chances of winning at the Craps game with expert tips and tricks. While winning is never guaranteed, these strategies aim to improve your decision-making and chances of maximizing your wins:

  • Proper Betting Techniques: Focus on lower house edge bets like pass line, don't pass line, come, and don't come bets. Avoid high-house edge bets unless lucky.

  • Setting and Sticking to Limits: Set win and loss limits for your sessions. When you hit these limits, walk away to prevent chasing losses and lock in profits.

  • Understanding the Odds: Know the odds of each bet to make informed decisions.

  • Stick to Smart Bets: Stick to bets with lower house edges for better long-term success.

  • Avoid Prop Bets: Focus on bets that offer better odds and align with a strategic approach to the game.

  • Know When to Place Bets: Understand the game's flow and make well-timed bets.

  • Take Advantage of Free Play: Playing the online craps game for free helps you practice different betting strategies and refine your skills before you play for real money.

  • Controlled Shooting Techniques (if applicable): Explore controlled shooting techniques like dice control cautiously and practice extensively before attempting them in a live online craps game.

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