LottoSmile India: Find the Biggest Lottery Draws


LottoSmile has positioned itself as the go-to platform since 2002 for Indian players looking for international lotteries with the biggest jackpots. Lotto Smile offers opportunities to partake in the biggest world lotto jackpots and lotto games like US Powerball, Mega Millions, EuroMillions, and more, promising the ultimate lottery experience. With LottoSmile, you can now discover the world lotto from India.

Is LottoSmile Safe?

Regulated by Serlo Limited, LottoSmile uses a GeoTrust 128-bit SSL encryption, ensuring secure transactions and complete protection of your personal information. LottoSmile provides a secure payment gateway with a safe environment for users to engage in the thrilling world of online lotteries. Additionally, LottoSmile acts as your agent, purchasing official tickets on your behalf and eliminating potential fraud concerns.

LottoSmile Best Features

LottoSmile India offers many benefits and conveniences to Indian lottery enthusiasts. Here are some of the best features of LottoSmile Lottery listed below:

  • 47+ worldwide lotteries in one location

  • The website displays ticket prices in Indian rupees

  • Legitimate and real lottery service with years of experience

  • Genuine online lottery purchase service

  • Syndicates, raffles, and promotions are offered

How to Sign up at LottoSmile?

Sign up at LottoSmile Lottery and get your hands on the biggest lotteries worldwide with just a few clicks. How? Follow the easy LottoSmile registration steps below:

  • Visit from any device;

  • Click on the “Login/Sign Up” button on the top right corner of the screen (if you’re using a desktop), or click on the “Person icon” on your mobile device;

  • Click the “Create a free account” button right below the login section of the page;

  • Enter your email and a strong password to safeguard your account;

  • Next, you’ll be asked to fill in your personal information, such as your name, address, birthday, and phone number;

  • Then, you can change your deposit amount to your desired limit;

  • Lastly, select your preferred payment method from the list available and get started.

How to Purchase LottoSmile Lottery Tickets?

Now that you’re in, you can browse all the lottery tickets on the website and buy whichever you deem fit. But how? Follow the steps below and purchase LottoSmile lottery tickets within minutes:

  • Log in to your LottoSmile account;

  • Select the desired lottery game;

  • Choose your numbers to bet or opt for the random selection;

  • Add the ticket to your cart;

  • Review your selection;

  • Proceed to checkout;

  • Complete the payment process;

  • Receive confirmation of your ticket purchase;

  • View the scanned tickets you purchased in your online account.

Note: LottoSmile ticket prices in India may differ according to the currency you use to deposit funds into your account.

Lottery Games at LottoSmile


LottoSmile offers 47+ lotteries from all over the world. You can stay home, and within just a few clicks, you can hit one of the most coveted jackpots in the world. But for that, you must know what games to play and what jackpots they pay to choose accordingly! Here’s a list of lottery games on LottoSmile you can try your luck on:

Lottery Game Ticket Price Maximum Jackpot
US Powerball ₹1170.69 (3 lines) approx. ₹16,400 crores
EuroMillions ₹1017.16 (2 lines) approx. ₹1500 crores
Mega Millions ₹1170.78 (3 lines) approx. ₹10,900 crores
Euro Jackpot ₹470.49 (1 line) approx. ₹736 crores
SuperEnsLotto ₹1169.74 (5 lines) approx. ₹1674 crores

Withdrawals at LottoSmile

Lotto Smile allows withdrawals through Visa, Mastercard, and Bank Transfer. Refer to the table below for details:

Method Minimum Deposit Minimum Withdrawal Withdrawal Time
Mastercard ₹1 ₹100 Up to 3 business days
VISA ₹1 ₹100 Up to 3 business days

How to Deposit at LottoSmile – Mobile

Want to play lotteries on the go? Here’s how to deposit funds at LottoSmile India:

  • Log in to your LottoSmile account;

  • Browse through the available lotteries on the website;

  • Choose the lottery draw you wish to buy and click “Play Now”;

  • Select the line selection or opt for a quick pick and click again on “Play Now”;

  • Choose your preferred payment method from the given list;

  • Enter the deposit amount;

  • Enter your card details accurately and confirm the transaction;

  • Voila! You’ve purchased your online lottery ticket.

Note: Deposition in INR is not possible for now; Indian players must fund their account using USD, which will then be converted to INR while purchasing the ticket.

How to Deposit at LottoSmile – Desktop

Depositing funds in your lottery account on LottoSmile is simple. The steps are similar to those of the mobile app, but here’s a quick-step guide for you to follow:

  • Log in to your LottoSmile account;

  • Navigate to the “Deposit” section;

  • Select your preferred deposit method;

  • Enter the deposit amount;

  • Confirm the transaction, and done! You’ll soon see the tickets you purchased in your account.

How to Withdraw at LottoSmile?

Accessing and withdrawing your winnings from the LottoSmile website is much simpler than on a mobile device. All you have to do is:

  • Log in to your LottoSmile account;

  • Go to the “My Account” section at the top of the website;

  • Click on “Withdraw”;

  • Enter the withdrawal amount;

  • Confirm the transaction, and soon, your winnings will be credited to your account;

LottoSmile India does not charge you any withdrawal fees, and your winnings will be credited to your account within 3-5 business days, depending on your payment method. It is a safe and secure process, keeping all the frauds and scams at bay!

Loyalty Program & Promotions


The website offers various lucrative promotions that you can benefit from. Below are some of the promotions on LottoSmile India you can claim today:

  • Discount promotion: You can buy entries for specific games at a lower price than usual. The discount can range from 1% to 99% off the regular participation cost. To qualify for the discount, you must purchase at least one entry unless the promotion specifies otherwise.

  • Cashback promotion: With a cashback offer, you can buy entries for certain games and get a percentage of the purchase amount refunded to your account, regardless of whether your entries win or not. The cashback refund is given as bonus money and is credited to your account right after you purchase the entry.

  • Subscription promotion: Joining a subscription promotion enrolls you in a specific lottery periodically, and you receive every xth entry (as specified in the offer) for that lottery for free.

  • Multi-draw promotion: In a multi-draw promotion, you enter into 5, 10, 15, or 25 consecutive draws at a discounted price. The discounts can help you save up to 25% off the standard participation cost.

  • Multiplier promotion: The multiplier promotion is an add-on feature that can increase your non-jackpot winnings, depending on the selected multiplier and draw. When participating in a multiplier promotion, you add the multiplier feature at a discounted price to your entry.

LottoSmile App Review


LottoSmile offers two apps: one for iOS and one for Android users. Downloading both the LottoSmile apps is an easy process. All you have to do is visit the official website, find the app links at the bottom of the homepage, and install the version best suited for your mobile device.

You can access all the lotteries, easy transaction methods, and all the ongoing promotions on the website from your mobile device. The experience is the same but more convenient for the players who love to play on the go.

Customer Support

Players can reach LottoSmile customer support via email or Live Chat. The Live Chat is available 24/7, and both the chat and email are continuously monitored by LottoSmile’s support agents. You can email them at or fill out the form on the "Contact Us" page.

While there's no phone support, users have reported excellent experiences with customer support, citing quick responses from knowledgeable agents who were able to address all queries promptly.

Our Verdict: Why Should You Play at LottoSmile?

LottoSmile India emerges as a reliable and user-friendly platform for Indian players looking for world lotto online. With a diverse game selection, secure transactions, and enticing promotions, LottoSmile is a top choice for those looking to win life-changing jackpots. Whether you're a seasoned player or a newcomer, LottoSmile provides a safe and exciting environment to participate in the thrilling world of online lotteries.

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