Play Crazy Time on Rajabets for Real Money

Play Crazy Time on Rajabets for Real Money
Posted by: Joe Hilton
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Crazy Time Live is a casino game developed by Evolution Gaming. This unique live casino game show offers extraordinary excitement with the potential to multiply winnings through top slots in each round and four thrilling bonus games. By combining live entertainment with the RNG gameplay, Crazy Time delivers an unmatched player experience, making casino gambling fairly fun and rewarding.

Rajabets is relatively new but quite known as a gambling and betting site, which is specially designed for Indian players. It offers a very low minimum deposit of INR 100. It has also earned a reputation due to its functionality, wide range of payment methods, bonus program, and other additional benefits. So, now combine the thrilling and attractive Crazy Time casino game on an exciting and rewarding Rajabets gambling platform.

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  • How To Play Crazy Time?

    How To Play Crazy Time?

    Crazy Time is a game of chance that combines elements of a traditional money wheel with exciting bonus rounds. To play, place your bet on the segment of the wheel you think will be the outcome. The host spins the wheel, and you win if it lands on your chosen segment! It's that simple. However, the excitement lies in the bonus rounds, which we'll explore in detail.

  • Play Crazy Time Live in India

    Play Crazy Time Live in India

    Crazy Time Live in India offers an engaging and interactive online casino experience, combining the excitement of a live game show with the convenience of playing from anywhere in the country. Hosted in real-time, the game features a dynamic money wheel and introduces players to a series of thrilling bonus rounds, adding an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay.

    The interactive nature of Crazy Time Live allows Indian players to enjoy the lively studio atmosphere, creating a more immersive and authentic gaming environment. With a mix of luck and strategy, Crazy Time Live in India provides a unique and unforgettable online casino experience for players seeking entertainment and the chance to win big.

  • Crazy Time RTP

    Crazy Time live casino game offers mind-blowing RTP! The Money Wheel is divided into segments in this game, each with a unique RTP. Below is a breakdown of RTP for the base and bonus games.

    Wheel Segment No. of Segments RTP
    1 21 96.08%
    2 13 95.95%
    5 7 95.78%
    10 4 95.73%
    Coin Flip 4 95.70%
    Cash Hunt 2 95.27%
    Pachinko 2 94.33%
    Crazy Time 1 94.41%
  • How to Win Crazy Time?

    Winning in Crazy Time is a combination of luck and strategy. While luck plays a significant role, strategic betting can enhance your overall experience. Understanding the game mechanics, such as segment odds and bonus round probabilities, will help you make informed decisions.

  • Crazy Time Bonus Rounds

    Crazy Time Bonus Rounds

    The casino industry is in cut-throat competition as many gambling enthusiasts and even novices intend to play for real money. To lower the competition, casinos offer a variety of bonuses. To which people have different perspectives; some think it is a hoax, and others find it quite profitable.

    • Pachinko Bonus Game

      The Pachinko bonus game has a big wall with pegs. The game presenter drops a puck, and players win a multiplier where it lands. If it lands on 'DOUBLE,' all bottom multipliers double, and the puck drops again - until a multiplier is won! Repeat until multipliers reach the maximum of 10,000x.

    • Cash Hunt Bonus Game

      Hunt is a shooting gallery with a big screen displaying 108 random multipliers. The multipliers are hidden by random symbols and shuffled before you aim once the countdown timer begins. Choose the target you think has the highest multiplier. The cannon shoots at the target and reveals your won multiplier when the time ends. In this interactive bonus round, every player selects their own target, meaning everyone wins different multipliers!

    • Coin Flip Bonus Game

      Coin flip determines the winning multiplier! A coin with blue and red sides is flipped, and the side facing up wins as soon as the coin lands. Two multipliers are generated before the flip - one for the red and one for the blue sides!

    • Crazy Time Bonus Game

      Select your flapper from the options on the virtual money wheel: blue, green, or yellow. The game begins when the presenter presses the big red button to spin the wheel. Your multiplier is determined by where the flapper lands. If the flapper points to 'DOUBLE' or 'TRIPLE' on the wheel, all multipliers are doubled or tripled, and the wheel spins again. Only players who selected this flapper can participate. The wheel can be spun again until the multipliers reach the maximum 20,000x multiplier.

  • Rajabets Casino Bonuses

    Rajabets Casino Bonuses

    Rajabets offers a range of attractive bonuses to improve your Crazy Time experience:

    Welcome Bonus: Kickstart your gaming journey with a generous 150% welcome bonus

    No Deposit Bonus: Enjoy the thrill without risking your own money with a no-deposit bonus

    Deposit Bonus: Multiply your deposit with a deposit bonus, giving you more funds to play Crazy Time

    Free Spins Bonus: Try your luck on other exciting casino games with free spins bonuses

    Rewards Multipliers: Earn multipliers on your winnings as part of Rajabets' loyalty program

    Loyalty Bonus: Loyalty is rewarded with exclusive bonuses and promotions

  • Download the Crazy Time Casino Game

    It is fairly simple to download the crazy time game app. Below is a step-by-step guide on how you can download the Crazy Time Casino app:

    • Choose your preferred casino with an app and Crazy Time game, which is, in this case, Rajabets;
    • Start the download process through an APK available on the casino’s site;
    • Install the application on your mobile device;
    • Log in to your casino account;
    • Start playing Crazy Time.
  • Crazy Time Casino App

    Crazy Time Casino App

    One would often assume that such a tricky game would only be limited to computer players, but let us tell you, it is so not true. We suggest that this casino game from Evolution Gaming works best when you use your mobile devices.

    You can enjoy it through your mobile device by visiting your favorite casino site or downloading the Crazy Time app. What you might think is that these casino platforms or games have an app-specific. However, it is not true as these sites merely have the icon feature that might seem like an app, but in reality, they are just for easy accessibility.

  • Strategies to Win Crazy Time

    Strategies to Win Crazy Time

    Segment Analysis: Study the wheel and understand the odds for each segment.

    Bankroll Management: First, make sure you set a budget and then stick to it, ensuring a responsible gaming experience

    Bonus Round Timing: Pay attention to the frequency of bonus rounds and adjust your bets accordingly

  • Top Tips To Win Crazy Time

    Diversify Your Bets: Spread your bets across different segments for a balanced approach.

    Stay Informed: For the best gameplay, stay updated on Crazy Time statistics and Rajabets promotions.

    Enjoy Responsibly: The key to winning is to savor the excitement responsibly

Crazy Time on Rajabets is an exhilarating gameplay, combining luck and strategy for an unforgettable gaming experience. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the game, its exciting gameplay and dynamic bonus rounds make it a must-try. With Rajabets' generous bonuses and fair gameplay, get ready to play real money-earning games. Place your bets, spin the wheel, and let the Crazy Time begin!

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