Casino Days: Play Dragon Tiger Online for Real Money

Casino Days: Play Dragon Tiger Online for Real Money
Posted by: Lucy Perry
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Developed by Evolution Gaming, Dragon Tiger is an online casino game played with cards on a table. It is extremely simple to play, where two cards are dealt. One is to the dragon betting position, and the other is to the tiger betting position on the table. The main objective of the casino game is to guess which side of the table will have the highest-valued card.

If you are looking forward to playing this simple yet exciting casino game that is equally rewarding and helps elevate your overall gameplay. In that case, Casino Days is your way to go. You can now play the Dragon Tiger casino game on Casino Days with an attractive welcome bonus of up to ₹ 1 Lakh and other exciting, rewarding bonuses and promotions.

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  • Play Dragon Tiger on Casino Days

    Play Dragon Tiger on Casino Days

    Among all the online casino games, Dragon Tiger is so far the easiest one to start your gambling journey. Its simplicity means you can start playing Dragon Tiger without thinking much about it. Below is your guide on how to play Dragon Tiger on Casino Days:

    • At the Dragon Tiger table, adjust the bet amount as per your budget;
    • Bet on either a dragon, tiger, or a tie;
    • Wait until the dealer deals a card to Dragon or a card to Tiger;
    • Wait for the outcome; you win if the card you bet on has a higher value.
  • Dragon Tiger Live

    Dragon Tiger Live

    Indulge yourself in the exciting world of Dragon Tiger Live on Casino Days, where the classic card game comes to life with the added thrill of real-time interaction. The live version elevates the gaming experience by connecting players with professional dealers who deal with the cards in a dynamic, interactive setting.

    Experience the thrill of Dragon Tiger Live on Casino Days! Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the game, enjoy the unique excitement of merging online gambling convenience with the live casino.

  • Casino Days Deposit

    Casino Days Deposit

    The deposit process on Casino Days is quite straightforward. Simply follow the below-mentioned steps and start your thrilling and rewarding gameplay of Dragon Tiger on Casino Days:

    • Click the Deposit icon visible on the menu;
    • Choose your preferred payment method;
    • Enter the preferred amount and then click on deposit.
  • Casino Days Withdrawal

    Casino Days Withdrawal

    In contrast to the Casino Days deposit process, even the withdrawal process is simple. You can easily withdraw your winnings/earnings on Casino Days with a few simple steps:

    • Click on the ‘more’ icon visible on Casino Days;
    • Click on the Withdrawal option;
    • Select a withdrawal method of your liking, fill in the required details, and click on withdraw.
  • Dragon Tiger Bets, Payouts, and Odds

    As the name of the casino game suggests, in Dragon Tiger Betting, there are 3 major bets to keep track of dragon, tiger, and tie. Unlike other casinos, where the winning probability is 50/50 chance, Dragon Tiger has a winning probability of 46.26% due to the tie element.

    Dragon Tiger Bets How to Win Payout RTP
    Dragon Dragon gets cards consisting of the highest-value 1:1 96.27%
    Tiger Tiger hets cards consisting of the highest value 1:1 96.27%
    Tie Dragon and Tiger cards have an equal value 8:1/11:1 89.64%
  • Dragon Tiger Rules

    Dragon Tiger Rules

    Dragon Tiger's rules are simple. Here’s what you need to know before you start this simple yet thrilling online casino game of Dragon Tiger on Casino Days:

    • Two cards are dealt, one to Dragon and one to Tiger. The position with the higher card wins, regardless of the suit.
    • You place a bet on either Dragon or Tiger and hope your chosen card wins.
    • There's also a Tie bet, which pays if Dragon and Tiger have identical cards.
    • If there's a Tie, players with Dragon or Tiger bets only lose half their initial bet.
    • Card rankings start with Ace as the lowest and King as the highest.
  • Dragon Tiger Tricks, Predictions and Patterns

    Dragon Tiger Tricks, Predictions and Patterns

    The player interface in this game, just like in Baccarat, shows a Dragon Tiger game pattern board. Although the Baccarat board and the Dragon Tiger gaming pattern interface have similarities, the latter is easier to understand due to simpler game rules.

    However, it's important to note that there is no guaranteed Dragon Tiger formula to predict the game outcome. Please be cautious when interpreting the Dragon Tiger game pattern. Also, be highly skeptical of anyone claiming to have discovered methods to accurately predict Dragon Tiger results, especially if they ask for payment for such information.

  • Casino Days App

    Casino Days App

    Casino Days doesn't have a dedicated casino app, but its mobile website is just as good as the best casino apps in India. You can play Dragon Tiger on their optimized mobile site, making it easy to enjoy the same great experience on your phone or tablet.

    The site is designed to work on all screen sizes and mobile brands, ensuring a quick and easy search. For the best online casino experience, simply visit Casino Days on your mobile device, where you need not necessarily download any app.

  • Dragon Tiger Winning Strategies & Tricks on Casino Days

    Dragon Tiger Winning Strategies & Tricks on Casino Days

    Since no bet in the game has a 50% chance of winning, there are no effective tricks for Dragon Tiger. So, we recommend avoiding strategies like Martingale, d'Alembert, Fibonacci, or others, as they won't work as intended.

    However, the best Dragon Tiger betting strategy is card counting. Tracking cards can give you an advantage in knowing how many high and low cards are left. However, don't get too excited; card counting is extremely difficult at online casino tables.

  • Increase Your Chances of Winning Dragon Tiger on Casino Days

    Increase Your Chances of Winning Dragon Tiger on Casino Days

    Of all the Dragon Tiger game-winning tricks online, only one truly works: betting on Dragon or Tiger. These bets provide the best chance of winning, with a close to 50% probability, and you also get half of your stake back in case of a Tie. While some consider side bets as Dragon Tiger casino tricks, we suggest placing them only for fun. Don't rely on them for big wins or to maintain a stable bankroll.

Casino Days is a popular online casino website that welcomes new players with attractive new-player bonuses. The popularity is further shared with Dragon Tiger online casino games due to its easy gameplay and simple appearance. So, when you play Dragon Tiger on Casino Days, you take advantage of both thrilling, easy-to-understand, and rewarding experiences—making this entire casino journey more exciting and rewarding than ever with real money games on Casino Days.

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