Online Poker for Real Money in India

Online Poker for Real Money in India
Posted by: Natasha James
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Poker, one of the most famous and high-stakes card games, is played by gamblers worldwide. With the development of technology, everyone can enjoy this game at various online casinos. Poker uses a regular deck of 52 cards to play the game. Once started, the players must make a particular set of cards to win the poker game.

Using the right strategies while playing online poker can increase your chance of winning real money. Alongside the right approach, reading your opponent's mind can give you the upper hand while playing online poker. Also, knowing the basic poker rules and learning effective strategies can increase your winning chances significantly. This blog is about playing online poker and winning big, so read on.

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  • Basic Poker Hands

    Basic Poker Hands

    Before starting, you must memorize poker hands and their rankings to make the appropriate moves to play poker. Knowing the strength and rankings of each hand combination is a must for a poker game. Having the highest-ranked hand in the round will win you a poker game.

    Here are the different hands of poker, from the highest to the lowest you must know:

    Royal flush Requires 10, J, Q, K, and Ace from the same suit
    Straight Flush 5 cards in a sequence of the same suit
    Four of a kind All 4 cards should be of the same rank
    Full house Requires three-of-a-kind and a pair
    Flush 5 cards of any order but the same suit
    Straight 5 Cards in a sequence but from any suit
    Three of a kind All 3 cards should rank the same
    Two Pairs Two pairs are required in one hand
    Pair A single pair of cards
    High Card If you don't have any hand from above, your game depends on the highest card in your deck.
  • Basic Actions of Poker

    Basic Actions of Poker

    Common hand rankings form the basis for determining the winner of a round in all poker games. However, apart from the common hands of poker, there are some actions that every player has to keep in mind while playing online poker. They are as follows:

    • Fold;
    • Call;
    • Raise;
    • Re-raise;
    • Check raising;
    • Ante;
    • Bluffing;
    • Busted;
    • Cashing out.
  • Betting Limits in Poker

    Betting Limits in Poker

    No Limits: This means there are no particular betting limits, and the bet can be raised during any round in the game.

    Pot Limit: This indicates that each player at the table has been allowed to bet or raise the bet to the specified pot prize limit.

    Fixed Limit: Players can place a bet or call up to a certain amount.

  • How Poker is Played

    How Poker is Played
    • Let's dive into the actual gameplay of a round of poker to gain better insight:
    • To begin the round, the dealer deals 2 cards to each player on the table;
    • Then, a small blind is placed, which is followed by a big blind;
    • The first round of betting begins based on the hands of each player;
    • The dealer then deals 3 community cards face up;
    • Players bet again in the second round;
    • The dealer deals the fourth community card, also called the turn;
    • Players start betting in the third round;
    • The dealer deals the fifth community card, also known as the river;
    • The final round of betting begins;
    • If 2 or more players still haven't folded their cards, all of them show their cards;
    • According to the poker hand rankings rules, the player with the highest hand wins the round.
  • Things to Know While Playing Online Poker

    Things to Know While Playing Online Poker

    Poker games online that offer you real money are quite challenging and require players to have a basic knowledge of the game. To beat experienced poker players, you first need to know a few important things. These are:

    • Memorize the poker hands;
    • Be patient and play for a long time;
    • Manage your bankroll;
    • Be disciplined and monitor your focus.
  • Play Free Poker to Win Real Money

    Play Free Poker to Win Real Money

    Newcomers to poker should avoid immediately betting with real money and instead focus on playing online poker games. Online poker casinos provide free poker games to familiarize yourself with the game's basic concepts and rules.

    Use these tournaments as a practice to make yourself familiar with the game. Playing these tournaments frequently helps you brush up on your game skills. Winning these tournaments provides you with real cash bonus chips as per your rank in the tournament. You can use these chips as a buy-in at the tables to play online poker games for real money.

Playing poker online can be a fun option for entertainment and for serious players to win real money online. Poker is a game of luck, skills, and challenges. There are wide options of poker games to choose from at an online casino platform. Select your favorite game and start playing to win real money online.

Always remember that while playing live casino games online, you must gamble responsibly with utmost precaution. You can set a time limit for the amount of time you're going to play or set a limit for the amount of money you can deposit while playing the game to avoid overspending during the game.

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