6 Casino Games With the Worst Odds Ever!

6 Casino Games With the Worst Odds Ever!
Posted by: Garry Harrison
2 min

No matter if you’re gambling on a luxury casino in Goa or placing bets from the comfort of your home, there’s this one vital thing you must consider before risking your real money. Though knowing the highest-paying casino games helps, understanding what games have the worst odds will help you even more. By doing this, you avoid playing the less profitable games, which saves you money and time.

So, the next time you gamble on your favorite casino games, remember to check what casino games offer the best and worst odds. Now that you know what to study, the next question that pops up is how to find those games. We’ve compiled a list of top casino games with the worst odds to save you the trouble! Have a look and know which ones to avoid!

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  • How to Calculate the Odds in Gambling?

    How to Calculate the Odds in Gambling?

    The winning odds of any casino game depend on the interplay between the number of winning and losing outcomes. To calculate the best odds, you simply divide the number of winning outcomes by the total number of possible outcomes, giving you the odds of hitting it lucky (winning odds). However, casinos don't operate on pure probability. Their house edge—the casino's built-in advantage that ensures their long-term profitability comes through the worst odds.

    These are calculated using an adjusted "house edge" percentage. For instance, Roulette's worst odds lie on the single-number bet, with a win probability of just 1/37, but the payout is not 37:1! Instead, it's typically 35:1, reflecting a house edge of roughly 2% of every single-number bet. This difference between the winning probability and payout reflects the odds against your favor.

  • Real Money Casino Games with the Worst Odds Ever

    When it comes to gambling, may it be online or land-based, you must always remember the golden rule: the house always has the edge. While some games offer decent odds for a lucky strike, others tilt the scales heavily in favor of the casino, making them a risky choice for players to place their bets. To know which games are those and to avoid them possibly, here's a list of the real money casino games with the worst odds ever:

    • 1. Slots

      The exciting lights and sounds of the slot games might be enticing, but slot games come with some of the most brutal odds. The house edge can range from a lower edge of 2% to a maximum of 15%, meaning most bets go straight into the casino's pockets. Real money slot games offer some massive jackpots, but your chances of getting lucky are astronomically low, often in the millions to one.

    • 2. Keno

      This lottery-style casino game, Keno, might seem a harmless and fun choice, but don't be fooled. The house edge in the Keno game can be as high as 30%, making it one of the worst odds you’ll find in online casino real money games. Picking a handful of random numbers and getting lucky might feel intuitive, but beware—the odds are heavily stacked against you. A 30% house edge means that for every ₹100 you bet, you can expect to lose ₹30, even before the first ball is drawn. So, treating Keno as entertainment and not a path to riches is the best option.

    • 3. Wheel of Fortune
      Wheel of Fortune

      Wheels of Fortune in casinos is a game that may entice you with promises of quick riches, but hold on! Along with the opportunities to hit big, a house edge of 26% follows. This house edge percentage means most of your bets will eventually land in the casino's money vault. Even though it looks easy to bet on different parts of the wheel, it's not a fair game. The Joker, with its promising high multiplier, is enticing, but the chances of landing on it are very low. So, skip this risky bet and explore other games with better-winning odds and fairer payouts.

    • 4. Craps

      Craps can be a thrilling game with various betting options, but the "Any Seven" bet is a classic trap for most gamblers. This bet pays out if the number 7 rolls on the next two dice throws, but the house edge is a hefty 16.67%. The high payout of about 4:1 may seem very attractive, but the chances of rolling a particular number are far less than rolling out other combinations. Unless you're a seasoned Craps player with a specific strategy in mind, we advise you to avoid betting on the "Any Seven" bet and focus on options with better-winning odds.

    • 5. Baccarat

      While Baccarat offers decent odds compared to other casino games, the Tie Bet is an exception. With a house edge as high as 14.4%, this bet is risky. The chance of both the player and banker's hands having the same value is incredibly low, making this bet a surefire way to drain your bankroll. The best possible solution while playing Baccarat is to stick to the basic Banker or Player bets, offering around 1.06% and 1.24% house edge, respectively. While the payouts are not high, they offer a more stable and consistent way to potential wins.

    • 6. American Roulette
      American Roulette

      With its spinning red and black pockets, the iconic Roulette wheel might seem like a classic game of chance. But the house edge gets a double boost in the American Roulette variant with two green zeros (0 and 00). This addition might seem minor, but it significantly increases the casino's advantage, pushing the house edge to a hefty 5.26% from a mere 2.70%. While single-number bets offer the thrill of a potential 35:1 payout, the odds of landing that lucky spin are just 1 in 38, stacked against you by the extra green pocket.

Gambling has always been tricky, but understanding the odds behind each game is your secret weapon. By avoiding these games with low payout percentages and high house edge, you can make informed choices and minimize your overall losses while still enjoying the thrill of casino gambling. And while playing games with better odds, you will hit it lucky in no time! Just gamble responsibly and prioritize fun over chasing impossible wins.

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