Live Sports Betting: Top Sports for Betting at Rajabets

Live Sports Betting: Top Sports for Betting at Rajabets
Posted by: Natasha James
3 min

When sports are to be considered, Indians are especially big fans of playing and watching their favorite teams. With 140 million people tapping into online sports betting regularly across India, it is no shocker that sports betting has become one of the leading sectors in the gambling industry. is a licensed and popular sports betting platform. While the website offers various betting options, which sports to bet on might sometimes be confusing. In this blog, we’ll talk about the 5 most popular sports that you can bet on Rajabets.

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  • 1. Cricket


    Cricket is often known as India's most popular online betting sport. International matches, domestic leagues like the Indian Premier League (IPL), or different formats such as T20 and Test matches, and now ICC World Cup 2023, are contributing factors to the sport's betting popularity.

    Rajabets offers various cricket betting options. You can bet on match outcomes, top run-scorers, bowlers with the most wickets, and even specific events within the game, like the number of sixes or boundaries. With the help of live betting, you can adjust your bets as the match progresses, making cricket betting a dynamic and thrilling experience.

  • 2. Football


    Football is a global sport which is popular worldwide. You can wager on various football events, from grand international tournaments like the FIFA World Cup and UEFA Champions League to popular domestic leagues such as the English Premier League (EPL) and La Liga.

    The betting options range from simple match outcomes to more complex choices like goal scorers, corners, and even in-play betting. Rajabets provides detailed statistics and live updates, allowing you to make informed decisions while watching the game. With multiple payment methods like UPI, Google Pay, PhonePe, etc, Rajabets offers easy withdrawal and deposit options.

  • 3. Kabaddi


    Kabaddi is a unique addition to Rajabets' offerings, with its roots in India. Betting on the Pro Kabaddi League and other Kabaddi events is a thrilling experience. You can wager on the winner, the total number of points scored, and even the performance of individual players.

    The growing popularity of Kabaddi in sports betting has made Rajabets a preferred destination for enthusiasts who enjoy this indigenous sport. So, if you're an avid enthusiast of the Pro Kabaddi League, then you must use your knowledge of the sport to predict which team will win and grab an opportunity to earn real money.

  • 4. Horse Racing

    Horse Racing

    You must have often seen horse betting on television or in movies where the elite club would have high stakes on which horse would win. However, with emerging online casinos offering exciting bonuses and promotions, everyone can grab this chance to place winning bets with their skillful predictions. Horse racing is a timeless sport with a dedicated fan base.

    The platform allows you to bet on horse races worldwide, featuring prestigious events like the Kentucky Derby and the Grand National. Detailed race information, jockey and horse statistics, and live streaming make horse racing betting on Rajabets an immersive and exciting experience. You can wager on the winner, place, show, or even engage in exotic bets like trifectas and exactas.

  • 5. Basketball


    Basketball is now the second most growing sport in India after soccer. Basketball fans can enjoy various betting options on Rajabets, especially the National Basketball Association (NBA). Betting on the NBA is diverse, covering aspects like point spreads, over/under totals, and various prop bets. Rajabets also provides in-play betting, allowing you to adapt your wagers during the game.

    With multiple statistics, player performance data, and live updates, you can make well-informed decisions while following the action on the court. Rajabets offers multiple basketball betting options like betting on the NBA, Euroleague, Liga ACB(Spain), BBL (Germany), WNBA Friendlies, etc.

Rajabets offers a diverse range of live sports betting options, ensuring that there is something for every sports enthusiast. Whether you're passionate about cricket, football, Kabaddi, horse racing, or basketball, the platform provides a user-friendly interface, competitive odds, and a thrilling betting experience. Rajabets remains a top choice for sports bettors looking for a dynamic and exciting wagering experience.

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