How to Play Funky Time?


It is fairly simple to play Funky Time if you already have your hands on Crazy Time and MONOPOLY Live. The main game mechanic is a big wheel containing 64 segments. Each segment has a letter, the number '1', or the name of a bonus game.

Instant wins are granted by the number '1' and certain letters, while the mini-games are triggered by the bonus round names. Before the presenter spins the wheel, players have 20 seconds to place their bets. Your task is to speculate where the wheel will stop. Once all bets are in, the live dealer spins the wheel, and if it arrives on your chosen segment, you win.

  • The outcome of the spin can result in an instant win (number '1' or letters) or an exciting bonus game from one of four options.

  • The wheel may also contain random multipliers between 2x and 50x, landing on select segments.

  • As soon as the round concludes, a new countdown of 20 seconds begins for the next exhilarating round.

For a step-by-step guide, refer to the following instructions:

  • Choose your chip size and place your bet during the betting phase;

  • Once the timer expires, the round begins, and the Funky Time live dealer spins the wheel;

  • If the wheel lands on number 1 or letter space, then all bets on those spaces win and are awarded a cash prize;

  • On each spin, a random number of multipliers are triggered and applied to random spaces on the wheel that will be applied to winning values;

  • Placing a successful bet on any bonus games will activate the corresponding bonus game.

Play Online Funky Time For Real Money


For players seeking real money thrills, Funky Time Casino offers a chance to turn the excitement into tangible rewards. You can deposit real money into your account and place bets on your favorite games, with the potential to win substantial payouts. The casino supports various payment methods for convenient and secure transactions, ensuring you can confidently enjoy real money gaming.

Funky Time Bets and Payouts

Segment Number of Segments Payout
Number 1 28 1:1
Letter 2 per letter 25:1
Bar 6 Up to 500,000.00
Stayin’ Alive 2 Up to 10,000x
Disco 3 Up to 10,000x
VIP Disco 1 Up to 10,000x

The minimum bet on Funky Time is 0.10, whereas the maximum bet allowed for each round is 1000.00.

Funky Time Bonus Games

Funky Time has 4 major bonuses. They are:

BAR Bonus Round

  • The Bar Bonus game set in Disco Club’s bar features a funky robot bartender with three empty glasses for accumulating multipliers.

  • When the game of bar bonus round starts, you are taken to the bar counter where you have to choose one among three empty glasses simply.

  • Then, as the bartender pours drinks, all the glasses are assigned random multipliers. This is not it; the funky robot bartender has yet another surprise for you, a single reel slot will begin to spin and reveal the value of another multiplier. This extra multiplier is next assigned randomly to one of the three glasses and multiplies the primary multiplier in the glass.

  • When the Bar Bonus game begins, if there are any additional multipliers on the money wheel, then it is applied after the Bar Bonus game multipliers. This wheel spin multiplier, in turn, multiplies the multipliers in all three glasses, benefiting all players involved.


  • The Staying Alive bonus game features a ball drawing machine with balls of 90 colors and a multiplier ladder of 20 levels that ultimately increases all the way up to a 10,000x multiplier.

  • Generally, players start with the lowest ladder level (5x multiplier) and have four lives in their lives counter.

  • Before the ball drawing commences, the player must pick a team color—green, pink, or orange.

  • The color balls drawn by the player subsequently will determine how high they will climb up the multiplier ladder. 1-step ball—if it matches your team color, you advance one level on the multiplier ladder. 2-step ball—if its color matches your team color, you advance two levels on the multiplier ladder.STOP ball—all players lose a life and stay at the same multiplier level.

  • The Stayin’ Alive Bonus Game continues unless no lives are left on the counter. If this bonus game segment receives a multiplier during the initial wheel spin, each multiplier value on the multiplier ladder is multiplied by the awarded multiplier.


  • The Disco and VIP DISCO games feature Mr. Funky grooving on the dance floor while collecting multipliers for you.

  • The Disco Bonus game takes place on a 37-square virtual dance floor, while the VIP Disco game unfolds on a larger 63-square dance floor.

  • Inside the DJ booth, the game presenter spins a mini wheel divided into eight segments, each indicating an arrow: up, down, left, or right. Wherever the wheel halts determines Mr. Funky's next move. As he grooves across the floor, Mr. Funky collects two types of multipliers. They are:

    • Regular multipliers: These add to your total as you gather them. For instance, if you collect a 2 and a 10 Regular multiplier, your overall multiplier in the Bonus game lands at 12x.
    • Floor multipliers: These special multipliers double the values of five random Regular multiplier squares on the dance floor.

Remember, each Bonus game concludes when Mr. Funky eventually dances off the dance floor's edge.

Funky Time Digi Wheel

The wheel used in the Funky Time is popularly called DigiWheel. The given name is because it is a physical wheel with LED panels that enable it to show additional information like multipliers while the wheel is rotating. The further details about the Digi Wheel is that it consists of 64 segments. ‘1’ covers 28 segments (seven blocks of 1s).

The letters occupy 24 segments and are arranged in 6 blocks of four. The letters form the words PLAY, FUNK, and TIME. Each word is shown twice on the wheel. The rest of the 12 segments give access to the four bonus games: Bar, Stayin’ Alive, Disco, and VIP Disco Bonus.

Funky Time Casino Tips

  • Start With Small Bets

    Starting small is the major factor contributing to success in any casino game. This is especially true for online casino real money games like the Funky Time. By starting with small bets, you can stay in the game longer and learn its intricacies without risking too much of your bankroll.

  • Observe and Learn

    Observing other players and learning from their strategies is important when playing the Funky Time Casino Game. This will help you comprehend the game and help you make more informed decisions. Take note of which bets lead to successful outcomes and which ones don't. This will help you develop your own winning strategy and increase your probability of winning big.

  • Practice Makes Perfect

    As with any new game, practice also makes perfect in the Funky Time Casino Game. Practicing with small bets will ensure you retain your hard-earned money. This will help you improve your skills and allow you to try different betting strategies without keeping much at stake.

Funky Time Casino Game FAQs

Funky Time is an online casino game developed by Evolution Gaming, one of the leading providers in the gaming industry. It offers a fun and unique gaming experience with its funky theme and exciting features.

Yes, Funky Time is an online casino game that offers the option to play for real money.

Yes, Funky Time is fully optimized for mobile play. It can be accessed through any smartphone or tablet device, allowing players to enjoy the game on the go.

The RTP of the game ranges from 95.39% to 95.98%, depending on which segment of the Funky Time wheel you are betting on.

Funky Time is available on BigBaazi, 1Win, Betway, and many other casinos.

While both games share similarities in their game show format and live casino experience, Funky Time stands out with its disco-themed setting, unique bonus rounds, and the introduction of the DigiWheel. Each game offers a distinct atmosphere and gameplay style.

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