Most Bizarre Things You Never Knew You Could Bet On in 2024

Most Bizarre Things You Never Knew You Could Bet On in 2024
Posted by: Natasha James
2 mins

Are you bored of casually betting on the usual online casino games and popular sports? Worry not; there is a wide variety of unique options you can bet on, and most of these are crazy out-of-the-box ideas you couldn’t have dreamt of! If you want to make extra cash and bet on something beyond sports and online casinos, explore our list of the most unexpected and unusual betting options.

From betting on the next person to win the Oscars to the next celebrity to pass away, you can bet on the most unimaginable things. Surprisingly, betting on such peculiar events is perfectly legal, with many popular online casinos in 2024 offering real-money bets on these eccentric topics, all within the boundaries of the law. So, if you're feeling adventurous, go ahead and try your luck on these most bizarre things to bet on that you probably never knew even existed.

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  • 1. The Oscars: Bet on the Most Anticipated Awards

    The Oscars: Bet on the Most Anticipated Awards

    You heard it right: you can now bet on the popular awards show, The Oscars. Popular online casino sites like DraftKings and FanDuel offer you the chance to bet on the next possible winner. You can bet on simple things like the “Best Actor,” “Best Actress,” and more.

    But before you start betting, ensure you check whether or not the state you’re playing from offers permission to do so. Unlike the complicated sports betting options like spreads, the bets on the Oscars are money-line bets, offering straightforward real-money gameplay.

  • 2. Bog Snorkeling: Bet on Who Swims Their Way Out First

    Bog Snorkeling: Bet on Who Swims Their Way Out First

    Swimming in the muddiest and nastiest bogs with just a swimsuit and a snorkel to see who comes first is a real competition you can bet on. Each year in the United Kingdom, competitors worldwide fly to Wales simply to participate in this weird competition.

    This quirky sport involves participants trying to outswim each other in the shortest time possible using only the snorkeling gear. Betting on the fastest bog snorkeler takes the thrill to a new level, blending the love for outdoor activities with the excitement of online gambling.

  • 3. Wife-Carrying: Bet on Who Makes It to the Finish Line

    Wife-Carrying: Bet on Who Makes It to the Finish Line

    Ready for something truly unique? How about betting on the peculiar sport of "Wife-Carrying?” Originating from Finland, what started as a joke is now an annual World Wife-Carrying Competition where male participants carry their female partners through a challenging obstacle course, including log hurdles, sand traps, and the famous "widowmaker" water hazard.

    Wife-carrying is one of the most unusual events to bet on and convince your wife to participate. Placing bets on who the winner will be depending on the couples' speed and agility in this race adds a playful twist to sports betting.

  • 4. Cheese rolling: Roll, Chase, and Win

    Cheese rolling: Roll, Chase, and Win

    In the beautiful hills of Gloucester, England, a centuries-old tradition has now turned into a strange betting opportunity. Cheese rolling involves one person rolling the wheel of cheese down the hill while others chase it, aiming to be the first to reach the bottom with their hands ready to dip in the cheese.

    If you think this is a bizarre thing to bet on, you’re not alone; there are people out there training for an entire year just to win this competition. With unpredictable outcomes and amusing wipeouts, it's no wonder that betting on this race is immensely popular.

  • 5. Celebrity: Bet on Their Deaths and Divorces

    Celebrity: Bet on Their Deaths and Divorces

    Honestly, one of the most strange things to bet on is someone passing away. Though hard to believe, celebrity death pools are real and extremely common, offering a large sum of real money to the person who guessed it right.

    Celebrities are in the limelight throughout the year, making their personal lives, including their marriages and divorces, the topic of everyone’s gossip. But beyond that, people are even curious about their deaths. In celebrity death pools, you can predict and bet on when, where, and exactly how a celebrity will meet their unfortunate fate.

  • 6. The Royal Family: Bet on the Royal Drama

    The Royal Family: Bet on the Royal Drama

    The Royal family is no less than a celebrity. They’re always in the spotlight, no matter what. With each word, appearance, and move, a new royal drama takes place, and that’s what people crave, including online gambling enthusiasts.

    From predicting the gender of the next royal baby to guessing the names chosen by the Duke and Duchess, betting on the Royal Family's happenings has become one of the strangest things people are waiting to bet upon. Those who feel strongly about and follow the updates of such influential people can bet and win big.

  • 7. UFOs: Bet on Whether They Actually Exist

    UFOs: Bet on Whether They Actually Exist

    UFOs, aliens, and other space-related things are a topic of curiosity and debate for millions. This fascination also turns it into an amusing topic for gamblers worldwide. Some online platforms offer odds on when and where the next UFO sighting might occur or whether life beyond Earth exists.

    Millions of gambling enthusiasts are willing to put their money at stake, whether or not it will ever pay out. If you’re one of those curious bettors, you can try your luck and gamble on the existence of UFOs.

  • 8. Ferret Bingo: Bet on the Game for Fun

    Ferret Bingo: Bet on the Game for Fun

    Ferret Bingo might sound like an odd combination, but it's a beloved pastime in some places. This popular game from Finland starts when a ferret is released into a maze with numbered exit tunnels while the participants eagerly await to see which numbered tube the ferret chooses to exit from.

    That tunnel is then confirmed as the winning number. This furry addition turns the traditional bingo game into an unpredictable gambling experience. It's a quirky betting option for those looking to add fun to their gambling.

In a world where the possibilities seem limitless, why confine yourself to traditional forms of online gambling? Whether you're a seasoned gambler or just looking for excitement, these bizarre betting options on online casinos offer a unique and thrilling experience.

So, if you’re feeling adventurous and lucky, why not take a chance and test your luck on something unusual? Pick one from our list of 8 if you don’t know where to get started. Who knows, you could become a winner in the most unconventional way possible.

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