What is Online Lottery?

Online Lottery, also known as online lotto, is a digital form of traditional lottery game of chance where you purchase tickets and select numbers online for a chance to win big jackpot prizes. It eliminates buying physical tickets and allows you to participate from home.

How to Play Online Lottery?

Playing online lottery for real money is simple and easy. You can now easily play the best lottery games and buy lottery tickets online from a few of the best online lottery sites in India. Casinobinge helps you choose the best legal online lottery in India, where you can securely buy lottery tickets online.

Our in-depth reviews ensure transparency and reliability. To start your journey with a real lottery in India online, here are a few of the best practices to do.

  • Choose a reputable platform: Select a trusted legal online lottery site in India like LottoSmile or Lottoland India to ensure a secure and fair experience.

  • Create an account: Register on any platform by providing the necessary details.

  • Select a lottery game: Browse available lottery games and choose the one you want to play.

  • Pick numbers: Select your numbers for the chosen lottery game. This may involve choosing a specific set of numbers or using quick-pick options.

  • Purchase your ticket: Place your bet by confirming your selected numbers and paying for your lottery ticket.

  • Check results: Wait for the draw date and check the results on the platform.

  • Claim winnings: If you win, follow the platform's procedures to claim your winnings.

Is Lottery Online Legal in India?

The legal status of playing online lotteries in India is complex and varies by state. The legality of playing online lotteries in India can depend on the specific regulations in each state. Some states have legalized online lotteries, while others have banned them altogether.

For example, Sikkim is India's only state with a regulatory framework for online lottery games. It operates its state-run lottery, allowing private companies to operate online lotteries under strict regulations.

However, some gray areas exist when playing international lotteries online in India. Since Indian laws do not regulate these, they technically fall into a legal loophole. Many Indians can still participate in these lotteries through online platforms, but this can be risky.

Online Lottery State Legality

It is important for individuals interested in playing online lotteries in India to understand their state's legal status and proceed cautiously. Researching and choosing reputable and legitimate websites when participating in online lotteries is also advisable.

To help you with the same, we have curated a dedicated list of the safest and most reputable casinos active currently. Each state in India has the authority to determine whether or not to allow lotteries within its jurisdiction.

There are currently 13 states that allow you to buy lottery tickets online:

  • Kerala State Lotteries

  • Goa Lottery

  • Maharashtra Lottery

  • Madhya Pradesh Lottery

  • Punjab State Lottery

  • West Bengal Lottery

  • Assam Lottery

  • Arunachal Pradesh Lottery

  • Meghalaya Lottery

  • Manipur Lottery

  • Sikkim Lottery

  • Nagaland Lottery

  • Mizoram Lottery

Buy Online Lottery Tickets in India

Picture yourself buying a lottery ticket for the first time, and your numbers hit the jackpot for several crores! Online tickets give you a shot at big jackpots and ensure your tickets are safe. Our recommended sites ensure your tickets are kept safe with the best international security standards.

You can check your tickets, get your winnings, and buy new tickets, all from any device. Buying a ticket online is easy, fast, and convenient. You don't have to worry about losing your tickets or forgetting to check them. The ticket is saved in your account, and you'll receive notifications if you win.

So why wait? With various lottery options from different states in India, don't miss out on this opportunity! Buy online lottery tickets in India and increase your chances of hitting the jackpot today!

How to Purchase a Lottery Ticket?

There are many ways to buy lottery online in India. In fact, the process is quite similar to playing lottery online. Here are some steps you can follow to buy online lottery tickets in India:

  • Choose a legal platform: Select a trustworthy online lottery site like Lottoland, LottoSmile, TheLotter, or other recommended sites.

  • Create an account: Register and sign in on the platform.

  • Select a Lottery game: Browse available lottery games and choose one.

  • Choose numbers and purchase: Select your numbers for the chosen lottery game and proceed to purchase your ticket. Some platforms also allow you to enter international lotteries.

  • Payment Method: Utilize digital payment methods (credit or debit cards, e-wallets, and online banking) provided by the platform for secure transactions.

  • Check Confirmation: Verify the confirmation of your ticket purchase.

  • Check Results: Wait for the draw date and check “today lottery result” on site.

  • Claim Winnings: If you win, follow the platform's procedures to claim your winnings.

Online Lottery Tickets Advantages

The shift towards online lottery tickets in India presents many advantages for enthusiastic lottery players.

  • The convenience factor: Players can effortlessly purchase lottery tickets from their homes, eliminating the need for physical travel to buy lottery tickets from retail outlets.

  • Ticket management: Players can easily review their numbers, track results, and claim winnings, all within a few clicks on their preferred devices.

  • Enhanced security measures: Reputable platforms ensure you never lose your tickets; they are stored on your lottery site account.

Best Tickets to Buy Online

Explore and buy real lottery game tickets in India. Our curated review system evaluates many factors, ensuring you access a list featuring India's best online lottery tickets. While we make numerous considerations, our review process has three key factors that take center stage:

  • Ticket price: We analyze the affordability of tickets, allowing you to choose lotto games that align with your budget.

  • Jackpot size: The craze of winning a jackpot is huge. Our ranking considers the size of jackpots offered, presenting you with options that promise thrilling potential winnings.

  • Prize tiers: We evaluate the distribution of prizes to guide you toward games, offering multiple avenues for success.

Online Lottery Casino Games

Online Lotteries are not limited to fixed draws at specific times. There is a wide array of casino lottery games that you can indulge in at any time! Like other online live casino games, a lottery casino involves placing bets and receiving winnings within seconds or minutes before commencing a new round. Casino lotto offers many options, ranging from wagering on precise number sequences to acquiring tickets with randomly generated numbers.

Bet on Numbers

Explore the limitless possibilities of Bet on Numbers by Ezugi. Place bets on numbers, colors, and sums, unlocking additional multipliers. Predict one number for a 7x multiplier, two for a 70x payout, three for 750x, and four for an enticing 2000x. Color bets offer winning odds ranging from 1.7 to an impressive 60.

Lightning Lotto

Play Evolution's Lightning Lotto, where six numbers, including one power number, hold the key to exciting multipliers. Regular numbers usually range from 1 to 25, and the power numbers from 1 to 10. In each round, up to two numbers get struck by lightning, earning a multiplier of 2x to 10x. Lightning-struck numbers multiply winnings with three or more matches. Hit six matches with a 20x multiplier for an incredible 1,00,000x bet win.


Discover Keno by TVBET, where you choose numbers to match during the draw. In this lotto game, 20 balls are drawn from 80. For diverse betting options, bet on exact numbers, sums, order, odd/even, higher/lower. With more balls, enjoy higher payouts, reaching up to one million times your bet.

How We Review Online Lottery Sites

At Casinobinge, rating and reviewing lottery sites in India is meticulous and thorough. Our dedicated team evaluates every factor of an online lotto site based on a comprehensive set of criteria to ensure users have access to reliable and secure experiences.

We aim to help players with insightful information so that they can make informed choices when selecting an online lottery site. Through our transparent and systematic approach, we strive to guide users toward reputable sites that offer exciting lottery options.

  • Diverse Payment Methods:

    We thoroughly evaluate the payment methods offered by online lottery sites. We prefer diverse, easy-to-use, secure payment options that offer fast transactions. Providing Indian payment methods like Paytm and UPI further increases its reliability.

  • Player Safety:

    The safety of our players online is of utmost importance. We value encrypted websites that keep your financial and personal data protected. The website should also have clear security policies implemented by standard online lottery platforms and offer overall site security.

  • Licenses:

    We thoroughly assess the licenses held by online lottery sites. We prioritize platforms using trustworthy gambling licenses, ensuring users play within a regulated framework.

  • Lottery Selection:

    The more, the merrier! We analyze the most popular draws and a variety of lottery options that platforms provide—considering factors such as jackpot sizes, ticket prices, and the overall range of games available.

  • Timely Withdrawals:

    Efficient and transparent withdrawal processes are integral to a positive experience. We check if they offer fast withdrawal methods, processing times, and fees or no fees to rank it accordingly.

  • Promotions and Offerings:

    We carefully review all the promotional offerings provided by online lottery sites. From welcome bonuses to ongoing promotions like free tickets or cheap tickets, we consider the value and fairness of all these promotions.

Best Payment Methods for Buying Tickets Online

The available payment methods to buy lottery tickets differ from site to site. As mentioned above, you already know how to buy a lottery ticket online; let us now look at some of the best online payment methods you can use to buy lottery tickets.

Simply choose an online payment method you are comfortable dealing with and have previously used. Explore a few of India's commonly used payment methods below.


A widely trusted digital wallet, Paytm offers a convenient and secure method to buy lottery tickets online in India. Known for its swift and hassle-free transactions, Paytm provides players with an efficient way to engage in online gambling.

Google Pay

Google Pay stands out as a reliable payment method, offering a straightforward way of acquiring lottery tickets in India. With its user-friendly interface and seamless transactions, Google Pay provides users a convenient platform to participate in online lottery games.


A user-friendly and widely accepted payment method, PhonePe is an excellent choice for purchasing lottery tickets online. Its ease of use and widespread acceptance make it a preferred option, ensuring a smooth and convenient transaction experience.

VISA and Mastercard

Known for their global recognition and reliability, Visa and Mastercard are excellent choices for traditional card payments when buying lottery tickets online. Their widespread acceptance provides convenience for users looking for trusted and familiar payment options.

Best Online Lottery in India 2024

Now that you have a brief idea about online lottery in India, choosing the right online lottery site is crucial for a safe and enjoyable experience. We consider security, game selection, payment options, customer support, and user reviews when ranking these sites. Based on these criteria, our experts recommend the best online lottery sites for Indian players.

Best Indian Online Lottery Sites to Play 2024

Online lottery in India has experienced a remarkable rise, with thousands of sites offering government lottery in India, real lottery tickets to buy, and even online lottery apps. Many Indian online lottery sites have emerged, providing wide options for the diverse preferences of lottery players.

Out of many, a few of these prominent platforms, such as Lottoland, TheLotter, and LottoSmile, have risen to prominence, offering a seamless and secure experience to those seeking their chance at winning big. The accessibility and convenience of these platforms have made them the top choices among avid lottery players in the country.

Top 3 Indian Lottery Sites

  • Lottoland – Best Indian Lottery Site For Ultimate Jackpots
  • TheLotter – An Online Lottery Ticket to Global Jackpots
  • LottoSmile – Top Lottery Site For Indian Players

Ranking the Best Online Lottery in India 2024

Lottoland – Best Indian Lottery Site - Your Ultimate Jackpot Destination


Lottoland is known as the best Indian lottery site for jackpots, holding the record for the world's largest online gambling payout – an incredible €90 million (over ₹780 crores) won by a German woman.

Originating in Gibraltar in 2013, Lottoland aspired to be a global lotto draws hub and, in 2020, introduced Lottoland Asia with a focus on India. This dedicated platform for the Indian market set its mark as the premier lottery site. Lottoland India uniquely offers an app, a rarity among lottery sites.

It is the only Indian lotto site allowing Paytm transactions and features secure payment methods like UPI. Notably, Lottoland India features exclusive draws like Malamaal Daily and offers the most affordable Powerball lottery tickets at just ₹300!

TheLotter – An Online Lottery Ticket to Global Jackpots


TheLotter, recognized as one of the best online lotteries in India, has created several crorepatis, making it an outstanding platform. Founded in 2002, with over 20 years of experience in online lotteries, TheLotter excels in various aspects. Although not exclusively designed for India (they have a sister site, LottoSmile), TheLotter is ideal for those in India seeking to play international lotteries.

Specializing in international draws with substantial jackpots, TheLotter offers tickets at some of the best prices in the market, covering a diverse range of lotteries worldwide. Joining the league of winners is a real possibility, exemplified by Lingaraju D from Bengaluru, who secured prize money of ₹3.8 crores!

LottoSmile – Top Lottery Site For Indian Players


As one of the world's most trusted lotto sites, LottoSmile is exclusively tailored for Indian players, standing out as TheLotter's India-specific platform. Established in 2019, LottoSmile has rapidly gained popularity across all Indian states, providing a dedicated service that sets it apart from other online sites.

This India-exclusive site offers an array of top-rated lotto games, including Powerball, EuroMillions, Mega Millions, and more, boasting reasonable ticket prices. LottoSmile's payment options allow easy transactions with debit or credit cards and convenient withdrawals through net banking. LottoSmile keeps its promotions updated and maintains a top-tier ranking in the online lottery world.

Online Lottery India FAQs

India has many Indian online lottery sites. A few of the notable platforms include Lottoland, TheLotter, and LottoSmile.

Yes, if purchased from reputable and licensed online lottery sites as listed on Casinobinge. Always verify the legitimacy of the platform before buying tickets.

Visit a trusted online lottery site, choose your preferred lottery, select numbers, and complete the purchase using available payment methods.

Yes, you can play online lottery in Maharashtra. Refer to online lottery sites listed on Casinobinge.

Yes, you can play online lottery in India. Numerous reputable online lottery sites are available to Indian players. Refer to online lottery sites listed on Casinobinge.

Yes, you can play online lottery in Kerala. Refer to online lottery sites listed on Casinobinge.

Jackpots vary, but global lotteries like Powerball and Mega Millions have historically offered some of the largest online lottery jackpots.

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