Best Live Casino Games for Real Money to Play on Rajabets

Best Live Casino Games for Real Money to Play on Rajabets
Posted by: Lucy Perry
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Live casino games are a great way to win money and play with real-time players online. When it comes to live casino games, Rajabets offers a wide range of games. You can enjoy these live casino games, such as Slots, Live Roulette, 3 Patti Live, Live Baccarat, Poker Live, and more, from the comfort of your home.

These games offer a unique immersive experience with complete transparency and flexible betting limits. In the blog, let’s find out why these games stand out, and enjoy your time playing these games now on

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  • 1. Live Teen Patti

    Live Teen Patti

    Teen Patti is one of the most popular game that originated in India and is quite famous in every household. Teen Patti has become a mainstream game in social gatherings, festivals, and online casinos. Rajabet offers you a live Teen Patti game, where you can play this game online along with other players simultaneously. This game aims to form the best hand of three cards compared to all the active players playing alongside. The player with the highest-ranking hand of cards will win a round of Teen Patti.

  • 2. Live Blackjack

    Live Blackjack

    Blackjack is a card game that mainly consists of two players, the dealer and the better, but can include more than one player. The objective of this game is to achieve a hand with a value closer to 21 and higher than the hand with the dealer's value without exceeding 21. The dealer deals 2 cards to each payer, and every player has the option to 'Hit' for another card or 'Stand' to end the game. Rajabets Casino offers various Live Blackjack variations to play live with real-time players and dealers.

  • 3. Live Poker

    Live Poker

    In online Poker Live, before dealing with the cards, the players place the ante bets; the player to the left of the dealer places a small bet, and the player to the left of them puts a large bet. After these players place the bets, the dealer deals 2 cards to each player. The rest of the players can then choose to fold or place further bets; the dealer then deals community cards so that each player can form the highest hand rank to win the round. Rajabets Casino offers a wide library, including different variations of Live Poker games to play online.

  • 4. Live Roulette

    Live Roulette

    Playing Live Roulette on a live casino online is no different from playing a traditional roulette game. The wheel consists of 37 pockets numbered 0 to 36, and each player can place bets on the inner, outside, and other areas of the wheel. Once you place your bets in Live Roulette, the live dealer spins the Roulette wheel; at this point, the ball will rest on any number between 1 and 36. If your bet is correct, you will get paid according to the payout table on Rajabets Casino. Rajabet Casino offers Roulette Games like Live Lightning Roulette, XXXtreme Lightning Roulette, and Gold Vault Roulette to play with real-time players online.

  • 5. Live Baccarat

    Live Baccarat

    Baccarat is one of the most famous games played in the VIP sections of casinos from Monte Carlo to London to Las Vegas. Rajabets Casino has brought this game live for you to play from the comfort of your couch. The goal of Live Baccarat is to guess which of two hands, the player or the banker, will win by having the closest hand value to 9. The game normally consists of 6 to 8 sets of 52 playing cards while playing Baccarat. Rajabets offers you different modes of baccarat with different and unique twists to the game. provides online gamblers with unparalleled participation, interaction, and entertainment. Experience the thrill and intensity of an actual casino while playing these live casino games, bringing the excitement of a land-based casino to your screen. These 5 games offer you the best live casino experience at Rajabets Casino. The increased transparency, variety of gaming options, and easy access to all games contribute to the popularity of live casino games. So dive into the world of live casino games and have a blast!

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