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Parimatch Live Online Casino Games for Real Money

Parimatch Live Online Casino Games to Play for Real Money

Parimatch Live Online Casino Games to Play for Real Money
Posted by: Garry Harrison
3 min

Have you meticulously gone through various online casino games and are now looking for something more immersive and real-time? Well, live casino games offer you just that and more, where you can play the best online casino games for real money. Considering you already know about live casino games, we'll look at the best ones to play for real money. You can also refer to why you should play live casinos online to know more about live casinos in detail.

While we looked at it, Parimatch India came across as one of the leading casino sites that provided some of the top live casino games with high payouts and competitive odds. Offering various casino games, huge bonuses, high-quality live streaming, and easy deposits and withdrawals, let us further look into which of these best live casino games you must play to win real money.

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  • Is a Parimatch login necessary to play live casino games?

    Best Parimatch Live Casino Games

    The quick answer to that question would be— Yes, a Parimatch login is necessary to play live casino games. Without a login/registration, you can still browse the games and see what's on offer, but you won't be able to play for real money or experience the immersive live casino buzz. To play live casino games for real money, here's how you can quickly log in with the steps below:

    Step-by-step Parimatch Registration:

    • Click the "Sign Up" button;
    • Choose your registration method (phone, email, or one-click);
    • Enter your details (phone number or email, password, currency, etc.);
    • Verify your phone number or email.

    Step-by-step Parimatch Login:

    • Visit the Parimatch website or app;
    • Click the "Login" button;
    • Enter your phone number or email address;
    • Enter your password;
    • Click "Login.”
  • Best Parimatch Live Casino Games

    The Parimatch Live Casino game section is full of exciting live casino games to try! From classic live card games like Blackjack and Baccarat to thrilling live slot games and live table games, Parimatch has it all. Let us look at the top 6 real money live casino games to play for real money.

    • Crazy Time Live
      Crazy Time Live

      Live Crazy Time on Parimatch, powered by Evolution Gaming, goes beyond your regular online studio gambling experience. The game features a colorful money wheel and exciting bonus rounds. Players can bet on various outcomes, including bonus games like Coin Flip and Cash Hunt.

      The game show sets are vibrant and detailed with a user-friendly interface of Parimatch and professional live hosts who are great with their interaction. The game offers increasing multipliers and bonus rounds but be prepared for its high volatility and fast-paced gameplay. The unpredictable yet rewarding nature of Crazy Time makes it a popular choice for those seeking lively and interactive online casino gambling.

    • Xxxtreme Lightning Roulette Live
      Xxxtreme Lightning Roulette Live

      Live Xxxtreme Lightning Roulette on Parimatch delivers an electrifying twist to the classic casino game. Powered by Evolution Gaming, this Live Roulette variant is a supercharged version that combines traditional roulette rules with high-voltage xxxtreme lightning.

      The additional lightning multipliers increase your chances of winning by boosting your payouts, with multipliers reaching up to 500x. The game has a live casino studio setting with professional dealers, high-quality streaming, and engaging sound effects. With a competitive RTP (Return to Player) and straightforward gameplay, the live experience on Parimatch is top-notch.

    • Adventures Beyond Wonderland Live
      Adventures Beyond Wonderland Live

      Adventures Beyond Wonderland Live on Parimatch is a visually stunning game that invites you to roll down the rabbit hole of big wins. Powered by Playtech, this immersive game brings bright colors to your screen and features a Wonderland theme with an RTP that ensures fair returns and favorable winning odds.

      The game's centerpiece has an eye-catching money wheel with multipliers and bonus rounds. To play, simply place your bets on the desired numbers or bonus segments and wait for the outcome. Although individual strategies may vary, familiarizing yourself with the rules and bonus features can enhance your chances of winning.

    • Super Sic Bo Live
      Super Sic Bo Live

      Super Sic Bo Live on Parimatch combines the traditional dice game with the thrill of a live game. You get to engage with real live dealers who throw the dice and add a natural element to the game. While specific winning odds may vary, the game introduces random win multipliers of up to 1000x that can boost your winnings on selected bets.

      The rules are straightforward, where you need to predict the outcomes of three dice by placing bets on various combinations or sums. The dealer shakes the dice, and the outcome determines the winning bets. The RTP (Return to Player) ensures fair returns for players, and the game's live format simply enhances the overall experience that you wouldn't want to go back to playing Sic Bo online.

    • Monopoly Big Baller Live
      Monopoly Big Baller Live

      Monopoly Big Baller Live on Parimatch is an engaging bingo-style game show with a riverboat-themed studio and a Bingo-style machine in the center. It is a two-phase game with the potential to trigger bonus rounds for multiplied payouts. The more lines you complete on your Bingo card, the bigger the payout, ranging from 2x to 199x your bet.

      To play, users bet on one to four Chance/Free Space cards on a 5x5 cell card, creating dynamic gameplay. Look out for multipliers and free squares - your key to scoring bigger wins! While individual strategies may differ, players can explore different betting options for an enjoyable gambling time.

    • Lightning Dice Live

      Lightning Dice Live is a live casino game that combines the thrill of traditional dice games with a twist of Lightning multipliers. The game begins when players place bets on the outcome of the three dice. Each number on the dice is associated with a specific multiplier, ranging from 1x to 150x.

      Players must look out for random Lightning strikes; if it falls on the number you've bet on, your winnings multiply significantly. Once the dice are released in the Lightning Tower and the total sum matches your chosen number, you win! The fast-paced nature and a high RTP of around 96% make Lightning Dice Live a casino favorite for those who seek huge real money returns.

To sum up, all the above-mentioned live casino games promise a thrill-filled ride and the chance to win real money online. The live casino game section of Parimatch offers a great variety of popular games to play with high payouts and good RTPs.

Apart from live game shows such as Crazy Time and Adventures Beyond Wonderland, you could also play the table game variation, i.e., Xxxtreme Lightning Roulette or Super Sic Bo, if you're a dice game fan. The ultimate choice of selecting any casino game remains with you; choose wisely and bet mindfully.

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