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Aviators Game Tricks | Play Now and Win Up to 1,00,000 INR

Aviators Game Tricks | Best Tips to Win Real Money Online

Aviators Game Tricks | Best Tips to Win Real Money Online
Posted by: Joe Hilton
3 min

Do you love aviators game and wish to combine the fun with real money rewards? Aviators by the developer Spribe might be your best option to win real money rewards and enjoy a hassle-free flight all in one place. Those familiar with the gameplay often wonder about the ultimate Aviator game hack that could bring them rewards!

Aviators, just like other casino games, rely on luck. The only solution to heighten your chances of winning is to master the most effective Aviators game tricks and implement expert betting strategies to spike your chances of winning real money online. Keep reading the blog to know what they are and how to implement them in your next gameplay.

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  • 5 Aviators Game Tricks to Win

    Imagine you've learned the game rules and started playing the game for real money, but you don't profit a lot from it. So you start wondering what might be a surefire way to master the Aviators game. We have the ultimate answer to your questions. Try implementing the following Aviator game tricks into your next gameplay and see your plane and winnings both skyrocket.

    • Try splitting your bets

      Consider making two bets simultaneously instead of putting all your chips in one basket. By placing one bet on a low multiplier and another on a high multiplier, you increase your chances of winning at least one of the bets.

    • Bet on lower multipliers

      Though betting on higher multipliers might look like a profitable option, betting on lower multipliers is more likely to bring you stable winnings. Low multipliers often have more chances of winning despite having smaller payouts.

    • Understand the RTP

      Return to Player (RTP) is an important factor in Aviator and other online casino games before starting to play for real money. Understanding the RTP percentage helps you understand the game's winning profitability over time. Opting for games with higher RTP percentages would be smart, as they are more likely to bring you better returns.

    • Don’t follow the crowd aimlessly

      Many different factors, including superstitions and trends, influence the casino world. But sometimes, going against the trend and crowd can be a great winning strategy. For example, if players are highly betting on a particular multiplier for the next win, betting on a different one might lead you to a surprising win, breaking the usual pattern.

    • Bankroll management

      The most effective Aviator game trick is bankroll management. Divide your gambling budget into smaller portions for each session, preventing significant losses in a single sitting. This will ensure you only gamble what you can afford to lose and lead you to have a substantial amount in your pockets at the end of the game.

  • The 5 Best Winning Strategies for Aviators Game

    • Martingale Betting System
      Martingale Betting System

      The Martingale system is a popular casino betting strategy where you double your betting amount after each loss. And return to your initial betting amount after each win. This way, when you eventually win, you recover all your previous losses and make a profit equal to your initial bet. However, it requires you to have a substantial bankroll, so use it cautiously within your budget only.

    • Labouchere Betting System
      Labouchere Betting System

      The Labouchere system creates a betting sequence and adjusts bets based on your wins and losses. Suppose your sequence is - 1,2,3,4,5, then your betting amount is (5+1=6), adding the first and the last numbers to determine your betting amount. You cross off these numbers from the sequence as you win, and after each loss, you add that amount to the sequence, aiming to secure a profit.

    • The Fibonacci Betting System
      The Fibonacci Betting System

      The Fibonacci system follows the famous mathematical sequence (1,1,2,3,5…), where each number is the sum of the two preceding ones. In the context of Aviator, it means adjusting your bets based on the Fibonacci sequence. This strategy is considered less aggressive than the Martingale, offering a more gradual approach to recovery after losses.

    • The Paroli Betting System
      The Paroli Betting System

      The Paroli system is the opposite of the Martingale strategy. Here, you double your bet after each win. This positive progression system aims to capitalize on winning streaks and limit losses during unfavorable runs. Setting a limit and walking away after a predetermined number of wins is crucial to maximize effectiveness.

    • The D’Alembert Betting System
      The D’Alembert Betting System

      D'Alembert is a balanced strategy, where players increase their betting amount by one unit after a loss and decrease it by one after a win. This system is considered less risky than more aggressive strategies, providing a more controlled approach to betting. Opting for this strategy will help players manage their real money in the most efficient way possible.

  • Best Online Casinos Casinos To Play Aviators Online

    Among the various online casinos, we have carefully reviewed the best and compiled a list of the top 3 online casinos for Aviators enthusiasts.

    • Casino Days
      Casino Days

      Offering diverse and exciting casino games of over 5000, Casino Days stands out as a top choice for online Aviators players. With a user-friendly interface, Casino Days allows players to browse the site and find their favorite Aviator variants and desired promotions easily. Players can play and immerse themselves in the thrilling world of Aviators while enjoying the benefits of bonuses and withdrawals.

    • Big Baazi
      Big Baazi

      Big Baazi is a rising online casino providing an accessible platform for Aviators and casino enthusiasts to try their luck. With a list of thousands of online casino games and an enticing welcome bonus of up to 1 Lakh INR, Big Baazi combines entertainment with real money cash prizes seamlessly. Along with playing Aviators on Big Baazi, you can also explore other popular crash games in India, like CrashX and Aero, with exciting themes and engaging gameplay.

    • Rajabets

      Well-known for its sports betting options, Rajabets is also a prominent online casino for Aviators enthusiasts in India. With a wide variety of rewarding online casino games, players can enjoy a fun gambling session along with a real money Aviators experience. Register yourself on Rajabets and grab the chance to win a casino welcome bonus of up to 1,00,000 INR! If you wish to test your luck at Aviators, deposit a minimum of ₹200 and win up to 5,000 INR!

Based on an aviation theme, Aviators has become one of the most favorite Indian crash games in just a few years. Crash game enthusiasts can play aviators games by visiting their go-to online casino or registering at a reliable and licensed online casino. Download Aviators App from our recommended list of the best Aviators casinos and start winning real money online. So, take off, strategize well, and soar high with your real money winnings.

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